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Item ID: 36
Family: Cactaceae
Genus: Echinocereus
Species: engelmannii
Common Name: Engelmann's Hedgehog, Strawberry Hedgehog
Habitat: Found from around 200 to 7,500 feet elevation, mainly in rocky desert areas.
Range: This plant is distributed from near San Diego, California through the Mojave Desert and Nevada to Maricopa, Pima and Cochise Counties in Arizona. It is also found in northern Baja and Sonora, Mexico.
Care: Many Echinocereus species are easily grown outside in garden locations here in Tucson. They may require very little attention but could be attacked by grubs from the common cactus beetle. Check for any signs of yellowing or non-growth. Sometimes the beetle larve can devastate a plant before it can be saved so be cautious.
Propagation: By seed or by separation of segments from a more mature plant.
Size: This is not an unusually large plant. Stem segment are commonly to around 18 inches in height and no more than 2 inches wide. Clustered plants may exceed 24 inches wide.
Shape: Clustering
Flowers: Flowering usually starts in May and flower colors can vary from a light pink to Magenta.
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Photo Courtesy of Vonn Watkins 2004

This is a heavily spined plant with variable spine color. Most plants may have gray to nearly white spines with stems on clustered plants usually not tightly clustered. The fruits are very tasty and edible and have a distant history of use by native americans.

Author Comments
Engelmann's hedgehog is rarely found native in or around Tucson although it may rarely be seen. E. engelmannii has been grown and planted in many private gardens all around Tucson for many years thanks to the availability of finding the plant in garden centers.

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