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Item ID: 14
Family: Cactaceae
Genus: Cylindropuntia
Species: bigelovii
Common Name: Teddy Bear Cholla
Habitat: This plant is found from sea level to about 2,000 feet elevation in sandy soils along the coastal areas of Sonora, Mexico to rocky desert regions of Arizona and California.
Range: In Arizona the plant is found growing in colonies within Yuma, Pima, Maricopa and Mohave counties of Arizona. In California it inhabits Imperial, Riverside and San Bernadino counties and extends southward into Sonora, Mexico.
Care: This cholla is an easy plant to grow in a desert landscape or near areas where you need added protection from intruders. The stems root very easily and with a little extra water during the dryer months of the year it will grow into a nice robust plant.
Propagation: From easily detachable stem segments
Size: Very compact growth several feet wide to over 8 feet in height.
Shape: Padded/Jointed
Flowers: Pale yellow/green
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Photo Courtesy of Vonn Watkins 2000

This is the cholla that everyone wants to hug! The Teddy Bear Cholla as the locals call it is a very beautiful light golden or straw colored plant typical because of the distinct color and appearance. Don't ever be fooled, the spines of this plant are some of the most vicious as they are very heavily barbed and can inflict a serious wound if they happen to penetrate the skin.

Author Comments
This cholla may not be the most desirable for those with children or pets. The easily detachable stems may lay on the ground or can be easily scattered into a path. They can then touch the unsuspecting victim and impale the skin. Be cautious and just watch your stem around this very beautiful Arizona native.

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