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Item ID: 33
Family: Cactaceae
Genus: Echinopsis
Species: eyriesii
Common Name: Easter Lily Cactus
Habitat: Largest natural habitat is from Entre Rios to Buenos Aires, Argentina in the general low plains and along some of the higher plateaus.
Range: Southern Brazil into the northeastern plains of Argentina.
Care: This is one of the easiest of plants to acquire and to grow in any garden around Tucson. It is rather undemanding and will reward the owner with beautiful tall white flowers typical of this species. It is easily grown as a container plant or as an addition to the garden. E. eyriesii has little protection from predators so please be cautious and add the protection of a screen barrier if you live near hungry nibblers.
Propagation: Commonly by offsets or from seed.
Size: Grows to 12 inches in height and to 6 inches wide.
Shape: Globular
Flowers: Tall trumpet shaped white flowers occur in the summer just after sunset and they stay open until the next day, a few hours after morning sunrise.
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This is a green plant but has been known to turn a slight yellow/green during stress or dryer times. It will produce offsets in time and become a beautiful cluster of many stems. It has very short gray/black spines that are set in the white tufted areoles.

Author Comments
This is a long-known species and is usually much stronger than most Echinopsis that have been hybridized with other plants such as Trichocereus and Lobivia or with other varieties of Echinopsis. The name comes from a french gardener named Alexander Eyries of Havre, France.

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