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Item ID: 15
Family: Cactaceae
Genus: Cylindropuntia
Species: fulgida
Common Name: Chain Fruit Cholla, Jumping Cholla
Habitat: Found in the low desert from around 1,000 feet to grasslands and hillsides at over 3,500 feet elevation. The growth of this cholla is sometimes so thick it can be a real challenge to get through the area without catching a few hitch-hikers.
Range: In the United States this plant is only found in or near the Sonoran Desert region of Arizona. It extends south and southwest into Sonora, Sinaloa and into Baja California, Mexico.
Care: A very easy plant to grow in and around Tucson as this cholla is one of the most self propagating of any cholla. The stems and fruit detach from the mother plant very easily and can root almost anywhere.
Propagation: Seed and most significantly by removal of stems or fruit.
Size: Large plants can grow to over 8 feet or more wide and over 10 feet in height.
Shape: Padded/Jointed
Flowers: Flowers are a light to dark pink in color.
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Photo Courtesy of American Desert Plants

As the common name implies, this is a chain fruit cholla. The fruit may be easily seen during the summer hanging in large quantities from the main plant. They can sometimes fall to the ground and take root during the rainy season and yet another plant can be started.

Author Comments
A "Boxing Glove" variety can be found in many nurseries and garden centers. This is quite an unusual plant that forms crested stems that may look similar to a boxing glove. These plant are commonly only a few feet tall and can be quite a novelty. Years ago before development there are reports of huge cluster populations containing extra large plants of Cylindropuntia fulgida just south of Broadway Blvd. from Rosemont Blvd. to Swan Road in Tucson.

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