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Item ID: 11
Family: Cactaceae
Genus: Cereus
Species: hildmannianus
Common Name: Hedge Cactus, Queen of the Night
Habitat: The exact habitat for this species is rather uncertain because of its popular cultivation over the years.
Range: It is found throughout southern Brazil and especially in and around the city of Rio de Janeiro. It is also found in neighboring countries such as Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay.
Care: This plant has been in cultivation for many, many years and has been commonly seen in lots of gardens in and around Tucson. It is easy to find and to grow and has no problems adapting to any garden in this area.
Propagation: Propagation is by seed or by stem cuttings.
Size: 30 or more feet in height, and sometimes forming large columnar bushes.
Shape: Columnar
Flowers: Large white flowers appear in mid-summer.
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Photo Courtesy of Dick Wiedhopf 2003

This plant has long columnar stems that have 5 to 7 ribs. The stems are bluish-green or a dull gray-green color. Spines when present are short and brown to black in color.

Author Comments
Please understand that this plant is really the plant most commonly referred to as Cereus peruvianus although that name is no longer recognized. It seems that the name C. peruvianus was first recorded by Linnaeus in 1768 but after further study no species of cereus is found native to Peru. Cereus Peruvianus is now correctly identified as Cereus repandus. The plant we see in Tucson with the beautiful white flowers and in many nurseries in warmer climates is really Cereus hildmannianus.

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