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Item ID: 37
Family: Cactaceae
Genus: Opuntia
Species: microdasys
Common Name: Bunny Ears, Rabbit Ears, Cegador
Range: Found in many areas of the Chihuahuan Desert in Mexico and extending further south into central Mexico.
Care: This plant is a survivor and can do well without a lot of extra care. It grows very well here in Tucson and is very popular because of the attractive appearance of the glochid color and overall shape of the entire plant. This Opuntia is not a favorite target of the cactus beetle and it's larvae so it generally can grow well for many years.
Propagation: Can be propagated by seed or from stem cuttings.
Size: The size of a single plant can be quite extensive but average around 3.5 feet in height and over 6 feet in width.
Shape: Padded/Jointed
Flowers: Flowers open in the spring and are yellow on most non hybrid varieties.
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Photo Courtesy of Kevin Barber 2003

There are no spines on these plants. But do not let the soft velvety look fool you. The numerous small glochids can easily detach if touched and become very bothersome. There are three commonly seen glochid colors found in Opuntia microdasys; reddish-brown, golden yellow and white. The variety substitution is not recognized today and these color names are generally only used commonly for sales distinction.

Author Comments
This can be a very beautiful species in any garden. It is very hardy and drought tolerant and can become a pesky invader if not cut back on a regular basis. This Opuntia has been in cultivation for a number of years and can sometimes be found as an escaped species in the desert around Tucson. There are three distinctive cultivated forms. Each having white, yellow or rusty red glochids.

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