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  Tucson Cactus and Succulent Society

Thursday July 6, 2017 from 7 - 9 pm

"Agave Distribution from Coast to Coast and Deserts to Mountains"

Presented by Greg†Starr

Note the meeting location:

Sky Islands Public High School, 6000 E. 14th Street, Tucson, AZ 85711

Click here to watch the presentation of the meeting on video.

Agave sebastiana on Isla de Cedros in Baja California

Have you ever wondered where the epicenter of agave distribution is or where the greatest diversity of species occurs? Are there more species in the tropics, deserts, coasts or mountains? Greg has wondered the same thing and decided it was about time to dive into the subject matter and find some answers. He found some answers and wants to share the results with you. Come out on a hot July night and be prepared to be blown away be what he has found out. Okay, maybe mildly shocked is more likely. Agaves are wholly New World plants, being found in the southern U.S. throughout Mexico, Central America, northern South America, and even the Caribbean. They grow along the coasts of Mexico; in hot, hyper-arid desert regions; moist, steamy subtropics; semi-arid grasslands; and cool, high mountains. They grow in sandy soils, rich volcanic soils, limestone rocks, granitic rocks, gentle slopes, and steep, vertical cliffs. Greg will show examples from the major centers of diversity as well as from all the varied and diverse habitats in which agaves can be found. If you have even a mild interest in plant distribution, or if you just want a 45 minute nap, join your friends and colleagues for an evening of agaves, snacks and conversation. The presentation will not only focus on agave distribution, but will also include some of the best species for landscape use in the desert southwest. Greg has spent many years traveling throughout the desert southwest, and much of Mexico studying and photographing agaves along with other interesting desert adapted plants, and he will most likely show the cream of the crop in this brand spanking new presentation for which the members of TCSS are the lucky recipients.

Greg Starr was born and raised in the Sonoran Desert although he did not become a true plant-o-phile until his college days. His fascination with desert plants for landscaping lead to his first book, Cool Plants for Hot Gardens, which went viral and is now out of print. His second book, Agaves: Living Sculptures for Landscapes and Containers, is a direct result of his long standing interest in those amazing plants. He recently co-authored the Field Guide to Cacti and Other Succulents of Arizona, funded by the Tucson Cactus and Succulent Society and private donors. He travels throughout Mexico with many recent trips to Baja California researching a proposed book on the Agaves of Baja California. Greg is an advocate of mixing flowering plants with cacti and other succulents and promotes this idea whenever possible. Greg has presented talks on agaves, cacti and other succulents, and desert plants in general throughout the United States and will be going worldwide at Australiaís Succulenticon 2018.

Please join us only a few days after July 4th for an excellent program that should be a great summer treat. There will be some excellent plants to win as well as lots of snacks and treats prepared by Patsy Frannea and all our refreshment volunteers, for everyone to enjoy. The TCSS will also give everyone a free plant when leaving for the night. Come and enjoy our July program presentation!

Agave montana on Cerro Pena Nevada in southern Tamaulipas


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be greatly appreciated and enjoyed!

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