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  Tucson Cactus and Succulent Society

Thursday January 4, 2018 from 7 - 9 pm

"Where Did I Go Wrong"

Presented by Chuck Hanson

Note the meeting location:

Sky Islands Public High School, 6000 E. 14th Street, Tucson, AZ 85711

Click here to listen to an audio-only abbreviated version of the presentation

Come with me on a three-month safari to East Africa of the 1960’s. Although much of the area looks like SE Arizona, it is(was) populated by an amazing and diverse megafauna. The safari is mostly in the savannahs of Kenya and Tanzania, but we also go north into the vast desert area of northern Kenya to join the Royal Geographical Society’s Turkana Expedition. A safari such as this will never be possible again, for reasons you will soon see!

Curriculum Vitae for Chuck Hanson

1950-’51 US Air Force, Korea.
1952-’56 Virginia Tech, BSc in Zoology.

1957-’59 National Science Foundation Scholarship, Ohio State University, MSc in Zoology.

1959-’60 Ohio Division of Wildlife, Upland Game Biologist.

1960-’64 Naturalist, U. S. Forest Service, Coronado National Forest.

1965-’69 Naturalist, Tucson School District 1.

1969 3 months in East Africa.

1969-’78 Curator of Large Animals, ASDM.

1978-2007 Founded and ran Arid Lands Greenhouses. Made numerous trips to Africa, Madagascar and Asia studying succulents in habitat.

1993-’95 President, Tucson Cactus and Succulent Society.

2008-’12 Lived in Ecuador, studied native cacti, succulents and orchids.

2013 Retired to Sonoita, Arizona

I want to welcome everyone to our introductory program for 2018. Please come and enjoy a marvelous presentation, have some refreshments, meet and talk with friends, take home some plant giveaways and accept great raffle plants. Also, be sure to take a free TCSS plant provided as you leave for the evening.

Free Plant Giveaway

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January Refreshments

Those with family names beginning with
A - J
, please bring your choice of refreshments to the
meeting. Your generous sharing will
be greatly appreciated and enjoyed!

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TCSS reserves the right to change dates and/or program should it be necessary.